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Self-taught 3D generalist interested in GPU rendering technologies, specialising in artificial photography (visualisation) for Architecture, Design and Development. 

  • HDRi in Octane Render tomGlimps
I’d like to share simple tutorial about using HDRi skies inside Octane Render. I’ve seen quite some threads over OTOY’s forums with HDRi related questions & thought why not to make simple, but complete tutorial & even include a scene. Inside .orbx package You’ll also find two of Peter’s skies (1120 & 1931) kindly provided for free. If You happen to play around with those or any other of Peter’s HDRi skies inside Octane Render (standalone or plugin) share Your results on contest thread in Octane Render forums  for a possibility to be featured on Peter’s website & even win some great prizes!

“how about the 10 best images get 100 euro voucher to spend on whichever skies they want?” – Peter Guthrie

Update: Recently we got a backup from OTOY (Thanks Guys!) – Three Octane Render Licenses!!!

Just a reminder: I’ve updated countdown clock – the event ends with spring – midnight by IDL (GMT/UTC -1200).


Going on Air Wide Open – Custom rig from Polder Animation

With this I started a series of articles focused to different ways of building computers specifically for utilizing GPU engines like Octane Render. Jean-Paul kindly explains why they chose Open Air path. 5x 780Ti Gigabyte Windforce cards hooked on ribbon cables to allow proper airflow. Power could be beautiful!

Value-based multi GPU build for Octane Render

Long read featuring Sebastian (for Octaners better known as Smicha). We tried to put as much info as we could, explaining important aspects if You consider building a GPU machine. This ain’t cheap option, but rather Quality build with tons of additional performance gained leveraging custom watercooling solution.

Also You can find some thoughts on recently released CORSAIR’s HG N780 Bracket that lets You to couple GTX 7xx GPUs & AIO Liquid Coolers

Single Slot GTX card? – as cool as it sounds & as bad as we want, it seems that’s not a viable solution, at least for now, but EVGA gave us hope.

Lately took some time to cover the most powerful GPU for raytracing: Second look at Titan Z & it’s cooling options (waterblocks) not only to keep the card Overclock-able, but to to be able to shrink it from tripple to dual slot unit (in the end of this article You can find how MAINGEAR used that to build the most powerful GPU workstation).

Talking about GPUs, I’m starting a new series called “The Best GPU for Octane Render” (intro) – with this I’ll try to clearly sort out available GPUs on the market based on price, performance & also other aspects like cooling..- seems this topic might be tricky for new Guys coming to use engines like Octane Render.

On the software side there are always some things hidden from first glimpse: Batch Rendering in Octane – Short article where I’m covering two ways of rendering multiple images if You find a need, but obviously couldn’t find a way.

There are other inbuilt features like Turntable & Daylight animation that are really easy to setup & pretty useful for any architect or designer.

However if You take time & look through dedicated place for this topic on OTOY’s forum You’ll find many more Lua scripts – I’ll try to cover them in near future.

I’m also sharing fully set-up scenes like free Lounge Chair (for Octane Render). In the article covering the way I fight the noise & explain why higher amount of vRam on Your GPU matters. It’s not the “most complex”, but rather opposite – as simple as possible scene with just a couple of textures on plain surfaces & a simple chair. “Out of the box” Octane Render will help to produce highly realistic results & the time You save trying to setup something like this was the main reason I got interested in unbiased GPU engines – simply put, with advancement in hardware You can take out the complexity of tuning the rendering & focus purely on photography.

In a meantime I do have to stress that tools are just tools, without a vision, artistic approach even the shot made with most expensive camera or computer will remain just a lifeless digital copy of something.. To get shot attractive You need to put a bit of soul, if not a story than at least tasteful composition, paint with light so it would feel “right”..but what is “right” ??? Guess, that what we try to learn as we go..