hi & welcome to tomGlimps

Self-taught 3D generalist interested in GPU rendering technologies, specialising in artificial photography (also known as visualisation) for Architecture, Design & Development.


Recent additions: Going on Air Wide Open – Custom rig for Octane Render by Polder Animation

With this I’m starting a series of articles about computers specifically build for utilizing GPU engines like Octane Render.

Also You can find some thoughts on recently released CORSAIR’s HG N780 Bracket to Couple GTX 7xx GPUs & AIO Liquid Coolers

On the software side there are always some things hidden from first glimpse: Batch Rendering in Octane. (Short article where I’m covering two ways of rendering multiple images if You find a need, but obviously couldn’t find a way).

Also sharing fully set-up scenes like free Lounge Chair (for Octane Render) (in the article also covering the way I fight the noise & why higher amount of vRam on Your GPU matters)

Talking about GPUs, I’m starting a new series called “The Best GPU for Octane Render” (read intro) – with this I’ll try to clearly sort out available GPUs based on price, performance & also other aspects like cooling..- seems this topic might be tricky for new Guys comming to use GPU engines.

Stay Tuned for More!