hi & welcome to tomGlimps

Self-taught 3D generalist interested in GPU rendering technologies, specialising in artificial photography (also known as visualisation) for Architecture, Design & Development.


Recent additions: There are always some things, that are hidden from first glimpse, like Batch Rendering in Octane. In this article I’m covering two ways of rendering multiple images if You find a need, but obviously couldn’t find a way.

Recently I’ve wrote a piece about Color Rich image. In my opinion, light simulation, distribution and rendition are the most important parts that form the mood of any image.

Also shared this free Lounge Chair scene, if You wish to play with fully prepared scene Yourself & the article covers how do I fight the noise & what optimisations I use to lower render times.

Last, but not least, here are some of my thoughts on Titan Z (from Octane Render user) – ’bout new hardware (for GPU rendering), that was presented not so long ago in GTC’14.