Your Mission

To Octane Render this beautiful hand drawn Weekend House by Los Angeles mid-century architect Craig Ellwood in today’s standards. The project has never been built and this sketch is all that is left from his idea. Let’s imagine how it would look if someone would try to visualize it today.


There will be two categories: Still Image (4k or A4 300DPI) – already over!


VR (side-by-side stereo cube map) – ongoing!

Contest Duration

The contest deadline for VR entries is the end of April (for regular images it’s already over). For your convenience, a countdown timer is included below.


Our Friends and Prize Sponsors


OTOY is the company behind one of the fastest GPU engines in the market called Octane Render. They also specialize in VR, Lightfields and other software solutions that aid in the creation and delivery of cutting-edge digital content.


Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. is an American multinational semiconductor company based in Sunnyvale, California, that develops computer processors and related technologies for business and consumer markets.


Oculus VR, LLC, or simply known as Oculus, is an American virtual reality technology company making it possible to experience anything, anywhere, through the power of virtual reality.


Quixel is the Swedish a company behind Quixel Suite – Scan based PBR texturing in Photoshop. Unleash Photoshop’s potential with a huge scan-based material library and a responsive, fluid 3D painter. Want to learn more? Check this out!

If you happen to use Octane Render Standalone, then one of the first complementing programs to look for would be Phantom Scatter – a procedural instancing technology for Octane Render. During the time of this contest you can try it for free – for more information and the possibility to test it visit official page.

Lightmap is a company from the UK known for their innovative tool HDR LIGHT STUDIO that provides 3D artists and visualizers with a new approach to lighting 3D objects, enabling real-time lighting and designing reflections directly onto your 3D models.

More to be announced..

More to be announced..

Laubwerk offers easy-to-use 3D plants software with customizable, realistic 3D tree models for architects and CG artists. Available for 3ds Max & CINEMA 4D.  Recently company announced their libraries are compatible with Octane Render as well.

Support / Information

If You happen to be new & would like to try before You buy (or ideally even win) during contest for those who enter (& already showing some progress) temporary licences of Octane Render (& other packages) will be given. Please check FAQ section.

How To Enter

Simply start making Your entry, post work-in-progress on Your site, facebook, twitter, forum, etc. & share to be noticed (please refer to FAQ section bellow for more information).

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any 3D model provided?

Yes & no.

Base model will be provided (less than a month before deadline), but (!) it will be just for size reference & the reason being that we are looking to see fully built worlds, from scratch to the end.

Where should I post WIP?

You can post Your work-in-progress (& that’s how this contest differs from a lot of others) anywhere You want, as long as content is available to see without any need of registration.

The only thing I would like to ask is that You would link to this page, so Your friends & those follow You would know what You’re into. Please make sure that You notice me about Your entry.

How should I notice about my entry?

There are three ways (by now) to notice me about Your entry:

taging/mentioning me on twitter, facebook or writing directly to email (by filling the form bellow).

Why the contest is organised this "open way"?

First of all, I’m not monetising trafic, Your atention, etc. I don’t like ads & I believe these are only distractions that make little to no value (even for those who are advertising their products).

The traffic & exposure should be left for artitis that are going to participate. So, If You have a blog, portfolio site, facebook or twiter account, etc. – post Your progress there. Build Your audience!

What about angles?

While You’re working on model & presentation You can make anything You want, but for final delivery perspective being close to what You see in original sketch/render is advised.

More flexibility will be left for VR entries.

Delivery formats & resolutions for stills?

You will have few options:
* 4K 16bit .tiff, .png or simillar format + 50% scaled 8bit preview (.jpeg, .png for instance)
*A4 300DPI 16bit .tiff, .png or simillar format + 50% scaled 8bit preview (.jpeg, .png for instance)

What about different aspect ratio?

Other aspect ratios are possible, but to keep things fair, please keep pixel count in comparable numbers =)

Delivery format for VR entries?

For VR You should render Stereo Side by Side Cubemap with resolution of 18432 x 1536 pixels.

Post processing

Post processing is allowed, but this being Octane Render related contest, You’re advised to use inbuild functionality of this engine.


By participating in this contest You agree to allow Your artwork to be used (with credits being given) for promotion of this event & for partners/sponsors promoting their products.

Temporary licences of Octane Render

To acquire temporary licence of Octane Render, please fill the form on the the bottom of the page (including a link to work in progress).

Temporary licence of Phantom Scatter

To try Phantom Scatter visit Phantom Technology page & fill the form.

Anything More?

If You have any more questions (please make sure You have read FAQ section) before jumping in or during contest, please fill the form below: