CORSAIR’s HG N780 Bracket to Couple GTX 7xx GPUs & AIO Liquid Coolers

HG N780 is one of the most interesting things I’ve seen so far presented in CES 2015. That is Corsair’s bracket for reference design GTX 7xx Kepler based GPUs (including 770, 780, 780Ti, Titan & Titan Black).


It’s not the first such accessory in the market (& Corsair actually modified their own older version made for AMD cards) to fit nVidia GPUs (the one for Maxwell based GPUs a.k.a. 980 & 970 is coming too). But!’s the first the first done right!

Now let me explain here. We had units like G10 from NZXT, but using three slots is far from perfect choice if You consider to put more then one GPU (or something else into PCIe slot below). Looking from the side it seems Corsair managed to make it proper dual slot piece!


Reusing original fan (from Your reference design card) to cool VRAM & VRMs (entire bracket acts as huge aluminium heatsink) is a nice touch too. Some say it’s not that silent, but most heat comes from Your GPU chip itself (that AIO cooler deals with, ideally removing it out from Your case) & thus You can lower down speed of this blower type fan to minimise noise output.


The only issue I see is that AIO cooler pipes might prevent the whole package to actually fit in dual slot space as pipes near the pump unit might not be able to turn sideways enough (rotating the pump might work, but..I, guess I’ll we need to try ourself self to know for sure =)


Owning a Titan Black for a while I wished to make a small loop with 280mm radiator in front of my mATX case to cool GPU (even got a pump/res combo from XSPC) but never triggered the build. Mainly because in my eyes full custom loop for single GPU is a waste of money & pricy one when You consider full cover water block, pump&res, fittings & rads would cost at least 300$.

That’s where Corsair’s solution comes to rescue:

* it’s relatively cheap (~40$ for bracket & 65-130$ for AIO unit),
* easy to setup & maintain,
* it keeps Your GPU temperatures low,
* allows plenty of OC (increased performance “pays for” investment),
* & last but not least, it looks good!

Check promotional shot from Corsair (inside their own Air 240 cube case).


Also from CES 2015 Single Slot GPU from EVGA (Update: sadly came out to be k|ngp|n edition..)

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